Your FAQs

What does ECT stand for?

Early career teacher. This term now replaces the term newly qualified teachers (NQTs).

I have not yet logged on to the DfE portal to register my ECT. How do I do this?

Click on this link to access the DfE portal and register your ECT

How often do ECTs need to attend training?

ECTs will need to attend training for two hours at the start of each term and one hour at the end of each term. For specific dates and times please click on the ECT Clusters and training section.

Will I need to pay for training?

No you do not, the training is paid for by the government.

Why isn’t the Appropriate Body service free?

Sadly funding was not provided to cover this service and this service sits separately from the ECF training. You must ensure that you have nominated an Appropriate Body service to sign off your ECT as they progress through the training.

Why does my profile on the DfE portal say that the provider has not been selected?

UCL uploads information to the DfE every Tuesday but there can be a time lag between information being provided and when it is uploaded. There is nothing further you need to do as this will be sorted out between UCL and the DfE.

I can’t find my school on the cluster list. What should I do now?

If you are a Special School or have an Early Years ECT you will find your school in those individual clusters. If this does not apply to you then please email us

Why do I have to log on to Bookwhen when I already have the Zoom link?

This is so we can track who is attending sessions and ensure that we use a Zoom session large enough to accommodate the numbers attending.