Updated Appropriate Body Services

Wandle Teaching School Hub Appropriate Body Services from September 2021

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From September 2021, it will become a statutory requirement for all schools to offer, and all Early Career Teachers to undertake, a two-year induction based on the ECF. Wandle Teaching School Hub will provide a funded provider led service in partnership with UCL. This will include:

  • Two years of funded training for Early Career Teachers
  • Freely available high quality development materials based on the Early Career Framework
  • A dedicated mentor training programme

Appropriate bodies will play a key part in these reforms through their role in teacher induction. From September 2021, as well as ensuring that ECTs receive their statutory entitlements, they will ensure that regard is had to the amended statutory guidance and that ECTs are fairly and consistently assessed. Appropriate bodies will also be expected to check that ECTs are receiving a programme of support and training based on the ECF. Independent quality assurance of statutory induction, through the role of the appropriate body, will ensure that schools provide adequate support for their early career teachers and it is delivered with fidelity to the Early Careers Framework. In the Wandle Teaching School Hub region, Kingston upon Thames, Merton, Richmond upon Thames and Wandsworth, there are three Appropriate Body Service options:

1.       Wandle TSH Appropriate Body

2.       Achieving for Children Appropriate Body

3.       Merton LA Appropriate Body

What do schools need to do?

1.       Choose a route to deliver the statutory induction programme for Early Career Teachers (ECTs)

2.       Choose and sign up to an Appropriate Body Service for statutory assessment and quality assurance

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Our Appropriate Body will:

  • check that early career teachers are receiving their statutory entitlements, and that regard is had to the statutory guidance.
  • provide ECF fidelity checks, ensuring schools are supported to provide ECTs with an ECF-based induction.
  • report on each school’s fidelity to the EDF to the TRN
  • conduct ECF fidelity checks formally take place at three points over the induction period. (It is expected that the first check is used to verify that an appropriate plan to deliver a programme of support based on the ECF is in place before the start of induction)
  • make the final decision as to whether the ECT has satisfactorily met the Teachers’ Standards, based on the headteacher’s recommendation.

WTSH will provide support to schools by offering:

  • Introductory sessions, training or briefings for induction tutors, mentors and ECTs to make sure they understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • An induction handbook for ECTs, induction tutors, mentors, and headteachers which could provide information on key induction areas such as statutory entitlements.
  • All support and structures for statutory assessment and quality assurance.

WTSH provides Mentor CPD and support through:

  • Mentor clinics targeting induction tutors who are new to the role and need additional support in understanding the assessment process.
  • Network meetings to share practise on ECT observations 
  • Proving feedback on poor quality reports and providing models of outstanding practise.

WTSH Appropriate Body Fees

  • The Appropriate Body fee/ECT for two-year programme is £225/ ECT for schools using Full Induction Programme through WTSH/UCL partnership
  • Additional AB charges:
    • £600/schools for fidelity checks of Core Induction Programme (Based on 3 statutory fidelity checks over 2 years)
    • £1200/ECT for schools designing and implementing own induction programme based on ECF (Based on 3 statutory fidelity checks over 2 years)         
    • Leading Teacher support for an ECT, rate tba where appropriate