ECT Progress reviews and formal assessments

The Induction Leads will carry out the progress reviews and formal assessments over the course of the ECT's two year induction.  

Progress reviews 

The Induction Lead will conduct formal half termly checks of their ECT’s progress. The progress review will consist of: 

  • An observation of the ECT’s teaching 
  • A post-lesson feedback session with the ECT 
  • A discussion with the ECT on a 1:1 basis 
  • A discussion with the Mentor on a 1:1 basis 
  • A review to check ECT and Mentor have:  
    • Attended all UCL facilitated training sessions 
    • Engaged with the self study 
    • Conducted weekly Mentor meetings 

The ECT's progress will be passed on to the Appropriate Body by the end of each half term. It will not be a full review, but rather will state that the ECT is on track or that there are concerns.  

 Formal assessments 

The Induction Lead will need to provide a formal assessment to their Appropriate Body at the end of year one and at the end of year two.  

The expectations for the formal assessments will come directly from your Appropriate Body and will consist of the Induction Lead evaluating the ECT's progress against the Teaching Standards. The formal assessment completed at the end of year two will state whether the ECT has passed, failed or requires an extension.  

If at any point you have concerns regarding your ECT or Mentor then please do contact your Appropriate Body directly. Please do not wait until the formal assessment points to pass on your concerns, early intervention is crucial and your Appropriate Body can help to advise you on the best support plan.  

Other information 

You will see that the Mentors are expected to complete a developmental observation at the end of Module 1. These SHOULD NOT be considered as formal assessments, rather they form part of the Mentor's developmental support to their ECT.