ECF Sign-up process

To be fully signed up for the ECF framework beginning in 2021, schools need to have completed the steps below.

(If you do not have an ECT joining you in 2021-2022 you do not need to complete these steps.) 

1. Log school details on the Department for Education portal here

2. Contact Wandle TS Hub to let us know you want to join the programme and pass on any details of Induction Leads, Mentors and ECTs. Tell us using this form

3. We will send you a letter of intent to complete and send back to us

4. Ensure your Induction Lead has attended an Induction Lead briefing

5. Ensure your Mentor has attended a Mentor Induction meeting 

6. Sign your Mentors up to their statutory Mentor training written by UCL. Sign up here

7. UCL will update the DfE and then you be emailed and asked to fill in further details on the DfE portal

8. Choose an Appropriate Body