ECF Programme Overview

From September 2021, it will become a statutory requirement for all schools to offer, and all early career teachers to undertake, a two-year induction based on the ECF. Wandle Teaching School Hub will provide a funded provider-led service in partnership with UCL.

This will include:

  • Two years of, funded training for Early Career 
  • Freely available high quality development materials based on the Early Career Framework
  • A dedicated mentor training programme

Here’s a simple breakdown of how things are changing from the current NQT programme:

ECF vs NQT overview

The UCL ECF programme has 5 modules in Year 1 and 4 modules in Year 2:​

Year 1 modules

Autumn 1 – Enabling pupil learning (Standards 1 and 7)​

Autumn 2 – Engaging pupils in learning (Standards 2 and 3)​

Spring 1 and 2 – Developing quality pedagogy (Standards 4 and 5)​

Summer 1 – Making productive use of assessment (Standard 6)​

Summer 2 –Fulfilling professional responsibilities (Standard 8)​

Year 2 modules

Autumn 1 – Inquiry into enabling pupil learning

Autumn 2 – Inquiry into engaging pupils in learning.

Spring 1,2 and Summer 1 – Inquiry into developing quality pedagogy and making productive use of assessment

Summer 2 – Fulfilling professional responsibilities

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 Key facts for Year 1 ECTs and Mentors

key facts for year 1 ECTs and Mentors

Key expectations for ECTs and Mentors 

  • ECTs will need to be given time to attend training
  • Mentors will need to be given time to attend training
  • ECTs and mentors will need self-study time
  • ECTs and mentors will need to meet for one hour each week
  • Induction Leads and Mentors have separate roles. Only the induction lead will conduct the formal assessments.