NPQ Application Process

NPQ Application process

Steps to follow:

1. Register through the DfE Portal here. This requires the following information:

  • Teacher Registration Number (TRN)
  • Name as recorded by the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA)
  • Choice of NPQ 
  • Choice of Lead Provider i.e. UCL IOE

Once registration is complete the DFE will send the details to UCL IOE.

2. You will be sent an application from UCL via email once your details have been sent through from the DfE registration.

  • The form requires headteacher/principal’s and line manager details.
  • This needs to be returned within 5 days of receipt.

3. UCL will confirm whether you have received a place on the course – this can take a month.

4. UCL will then send your details on to us and we will contact you with session timings and dates.

Each NPQ programme currently has a November Cohort and a February Cohort.