Meeting the needs of all pupils: How teachers in leadership positions can support EAL pupil progress and attainment.

Are you a middle or senior leader wanting to ensure that the staff you lead effectively support EAL learners? 

You may be a phase leader in primary, or head of department in secondary, a PPG champion, EAL lead or an assistant head with responsibility for inclusion.   We know that the needs of pupils who are developing competency are often masked or overlooked.  However, through employing appropriate strategies these pupils could reach nationally expected levels (Strand and Lindorff 2020).  Whilst those who are newer to English require significant support.   This course gives you the knowledge, supported by up-to-date research, about how you can mainstream provision through whole school and departmental policies and practices.   Based on key EAL theories, including some reading between sessions, the course is very practical.  Gap tasks will give you opportunities to pilot aspects relevant to your context.  Critical reflection with other delegates about the findings from these tasks will then support further collaborative learning.  By the end of the course, you will be confident in how to implement key strategies necessary for your school and be able to evaluate their impact on progress and attainment for your EAL pupils.

The course is delivered over four 1.5 hour twilight sessions, on Mondays from 4 to 5.30 online.  It is aimed at curriculum or phase leaders in Key Stages 1 to 4, and at aspect or senior leaders.

Dr Kathryn Kashyap has over twenty years’ experience of teaching and supporting EAL learners in London.  As Head of Ethnic Minority Achievement at Chestnut Grove School, she pioneered partnership teaching. Her more recent role as school improvement adviser for EAL at Achieving for Children is cross phase, where she employs a decolonising approach to language acquisition in the mainstream.   She brings to this course extensive knowledge of supporting a wide range of learners at different stages of acquiring English, with a particular interest in supporting refugee pupils and their families.  Her PhD explored how Somali young people negotiated notions of “educational help” at home and at school.

Aimed at: middle or senior leaders wanting to ensure that their staff lead effectively to support EAL learners


Monday 24th January

Monday 14th March

Monday 16th May

Monday 27th June

Location:  Online 

Time: 16:00 to 17:30 

Cost: N/A 

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